George W. Bush hides corpses of green aliens at Zone-51 base, Nevada

Every new elected president of the United States is shown to a so-called "green room," where the head of state takes a look at aliens' frozen bodies. When Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the USA, George W. Bush did not invite Putin to visit any "green rooms" to see the bodies alien creatures.

Zone-51 is a mysterious and secret US base located 130 kilometers off Las Vegas, Nevada. The green room is believed to be situated in this very army base. The room supposedly contains not only alien remnants, but fragments of an alien spaceship, which crashed in 1947.

No strangers are allowed to visit the base, whereas military men are strictly forbidden to expose any stories about the secret life behind the walls of Zone-51. Satellite photographs show a huge runway across the territory of the army base; large circles can be seen on the pictures too. Ufologists believe that the activity of Zone-51 is directly connected with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Ball-shaped, triangle and disk-like UFOs have been spotted in the area of the base on numerous occasions. There is photographic and video evidence to prove such observations.

George W. Bush ordered to withdraw Zone 51 from the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada three years ago. The base currently subordinates to the Pentagon and the US administration. It is noteworthy that civil planes were forbidden to fly above the territory of the base ten years ago. Zone-51 has been attracting attention of the world for 30 years already. The US government has never released any statement about the base and the rumors, which have been surrounding the mysterious military object for decades now.

Travel agencies in the meantime organize excursions to the outskirts of the base. "The truth is out there." The fans of this motto gather near the area of Zone-51 every year on May 30th. Enthusiasts discuss the plot of the government on highway 375, which is known as the "Alien Highway," outside the secret zone.

Residents of two neighboring towns, Rachel and Alamo, could sense the ground shaking underneath their feet in the summer of 1986. The locals could witness the weird phenomenon every Thursday, at 7 a.m. The people could also hear strange noises from the side of the secret zone. Everything was put to order when the people threatened to sue the military men.

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