Three drunkards smash 20 cars for not being allowed to work

Three Muscovites smashed 20 brand new cars in one of Moscow's car saloons. The battle took place on the car park area near a former pump factory. The three young men worked for an advertising firm, which rented an office at the factory. The men tried to make their way to the office at 5 a.m. after a boozing party. The security guard did not let the men in; he simply told the drunkards that he would open the doors at eight o'clock, as usual. The young men walked around the central entrance to the building and climbed over the fence of the factory.

The "workaholics" did not go to their office, where they worked on posters, banners and billboards. They dropped by their neighbors', a car-selling company. It turned out that the doors of the cars in the show hall were unlocked. Moreover, the "invaders" found keys in ignition locks. The company owners were keeping their cars so to be able to evacuate the vehicles quickly in case of a fire.

Needless to say that the burglars were overwhelmed with such luck: they started driving the cars in the hall chaotically, running into walls and one another. It took them one hour to smash 20 cars (the company was selling only Russian-made cars). The car saloon is situated rather far from the principal building of the pump factory - the security guard did not hear anything. He found the crashed cars after 6 a.m., when he was patrolling the territory, and called the police immediately.

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