Shepherd stolen instead of sheep

A curious theft of an animal happened in Krasnodar region, in the south of Russia: tourists stole a Caucasian Sheepdog, mistaken for a ram. Two families were returning home from a picnic in the mountains, when they were caught by the pouring rain…

Further driving became almost impossible. The men decided to seat their wives and children into one car and used the other car to go a little ahead to find out the road. Suddenly they found themselves in the thick of a huge flock of sheep.

Seeing that the flock's owner had gone far away, the tourists made up their minds to steal a sheep. They opened a door, chose, practically gropingly due to a thick shroud of rain, the largest sheep and dragged him inside. After a brief fight in the car, the men jumped out like a shot from a gun.

As it proved, the tourists mistakenly dragged in a Caucasian sheepdog (on the photo) instead of a fat sheep. Obeying to the protector's instinct, the dog didn't allow the unlucky hunters into the car. The shepherd took pity on the scared and wet to the skin tourists and even didn't report an attempt at theft to the police.

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