120-kilo woman defends her home from burglars mightily

Three armed masked men rushed into the flat of a 41-year-old woman in the city of Ulyanovsk and asked the woman for money. The fear of the attack paralyzed the woman.

The woman was standing flabbergasted, not being able to say a word. The thieves were meanwhile rummaging around the apartment, looking for something valuable. When the lady came to her senses, she attacked one of the robbers, having thrown herself on one of the men - he was standing near her at that moment. It is worth mentioning that the woman was rather heavy - she weighed 120 kilos. The thief could not resist the heaviness and fell down on the floor. The unlucky man was not able to move because of the massive lady's weight. The burglar tried to resist, of course, but the courageous housewife was mightily defending her home. The man's accomplices were shocked with what they saw. They dropped what they had been able to steal so far and escaped from the crime scene.

The woman was lying on the thief for at least an hour, when the lady's daughter returned home. Needless to say that the girl was astonished to see her mother lying on a moaning young man.

The brave woman agreed to release the poor thief only when the police arrived. Police officers said that the man had suffered a lot from the weight of a big woman: his arms and legs were all swollen. The young man was only 20 years old. To crown it all, his "weapon" was just a toy gun.

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