Russian suicidal chicken hangs itself on a fence (pic)

A chicken killed itself on the fence of one of the village residents in the Tula region of Russia. An eyewitness of the unimaginable bird suicide says that he was resting on a couch, when his wife rushed into the house and said that a chicken had just committed suicide by hanging itself on the neighbor's fence.

When then man came out to have a look at what was happening, he saw a chicken hanging on the fence indeed. The chicken was apparently trying to fly over the fence, but did not have enough force to surmount the obstacle.

The man's son said that the chicken probably decided to kill itself being unable to lead the horrible life in the provincial village. The chicken is a vulnerable and sensitive bird that might not have the energy to handle stressful situations. Most likely, the Russian suicidal chicken has lost the will to live.

The poor bird was not left hanging on the fence: it was cooked and eaten.

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