To cheat the police women pickled marijuana like cucumbers

The Moscow police arrested a few women who were selling illicit drugs concealed as pickled vegetables. The women were arrested by the police while selling 260 grams of marijuana to plainclothes detectives.

A brilliant method of "pickling" marijuana in the jars with tomatoes and cucumbers originated in Ukraine. The doyenne of the family and one of her daughters grew marijuana, dried it out and sealed it in the watertight bags. The bags were then placed among the pickles in the jars and sent to Moscow by rail. The train conductors would deliver the jars to Moscow for a small fee. The conductors were told that the woman's second daughter and her two friends would pick up the home-made pickles in Moscow which they normally did without fail. Everything was running smoothly for a year, say the police.

Every jar contained about 50 grams of marijuana sealed in a bag though the exact amount might vary. The women repacked the grass and sold it to drug addicts. The police finally brought the women's business to a close.

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