In Greece sometimes it's not safe for health to iron

The Greek authorities are taking steps to locate the consumers who purchased Chinese-made electrical irons. As it turned out, the devices can be a clear and present danger to consumers. Three persons have been already killed by an electric shock while trying to use the deadly irons.

"Finding those 338 consumers who are still using the devices is our top priority," said Greece's Development Minister Dimitris Siuphas. The sale of the faulty irons was already stopped in line with the government order.

The sad story of the irons fits just nicely in a campaign that was launched in some EU countries in an attempt to curb the Chinese imports. In particular, the EU countries are very much concerned about the influx of Chinese textile goods to European markets. Though the goods are not yet considered a health risk, they can effectively put local producers out of business. The shipments of Chinese sweaters, pants, T-shirts and other textiles to Europe have recently soared 100-200%.

In light of the above, the EU Commissioner Peter Mandelson said that the European Union was considering possible restrictions to be imposed on the import of Chinese textile goods and ready-made clothes.

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