Interested in German culture? No sex with genuine Germans, please

A new service online: Germans for hire. Just send an email to a certain website offering the service, pick out a suitable candidate and pay for the service. In several days after the payment, you will see a genuine German in your doorway. The authors of the Internet project say the idea of the website emerged after they traveled outside Germany. They inevitably had to answer the question what the difference between Germans and other nations is, and what the essence of the mysterious soul of Germans is. So, the Internet project appeared to satisfy the interest of foreigners in the German culture. It should be mentioned here that the service is costly enough.

Originally, the authors of the project developed three special offers. You can pay 1,200 euros and have a German in your office; a payment of 800 euros will guarantee that a German will spend several days with you being a good friend to your kids and smart company for you in the kitchen talking about sports and politics (he may also cook something of the German cuisine). A woman can pay 1,000 euros to have a German as a companion to a party to make other unmarried girls terribly envious.

However, the project stipulates that sex contacts are prohibited with these German friends. The project is meant for communication only. Foreigners want to find out to what extent the general opinion about Germans agrees with the reality: if their temper is actually Nordic, and if they are accurate and punctual.

First comments on the project are ecstatic only. A Brazilian woman walked with a German along the beach and says she spent time wonderfully with "the nice guy." A businessman from San-Francisco invited a German in his office, and after that his business seriously progressed. A German friend helped a British journalist do repairs at home.

Terms on which Germans participate in the project are wonderful: each participant gets 140 per cent of the amount of contract. Every German going abroad in the framework of the project has a psychological aid kit meant to help him cope with nostalgia: a book of German verses, a disk with German songs and some of traditional German delicacies.

May the project serve a good example for Russian businessmen and inspire them create something of the kind in Russia? Indeed, such a project would help foreigners understand the unique Russian soul. On the other hand, this project would help Russians travel about the world for free and talk a lot to those who are ready to listen.

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