Doctors cut man's micro-penis off and grow it on his forearm

Needless to say that there is no normal man in the world who would agree to bid farewell to his genitals and have his penis cut off. It is an open secret that the male organ is considered to be the object of eternal pride for all normal men living on Earth. However, if there is an experienced surgeon, who guarantees a considerable increase of the penis size after such an execution, some men would probably take a risk to experience the miraculous genital reincarnation.

Russian doctors from a Moscow hospital have recently performed such an operation on one of their patients. They cut his tiny penis off in order to grow the organ and attach it again to its natural place. Furthermore, the doctors were growing the phallus on the man's arm.

A 30-year-old man was suffering from a serious pathology - the genital hypoplasia. The man's reproductive organ was unusually small in other words. Doctors usually use a traditional operation in such occasions: they cut the micro-penis off, and make a new one from the forearm tissue. There was a doctor, however, a specialist of male problems, who decided to use a different method of treatment. The doctor decided not to remove the natural tissue of the small penis, but to attach a so-called neo-phallus to the top of the defective organ. The doctor did not have to wait long to bring his idea to life.

A resident of Russia's Khabarovsk region (the Far East), named only as Sergei, was suffering from the absence of the normal reproductive organ. The patient said that he had the shameful deformity since his early childhood. The boy was born with a very small penis. Furthermore, the child had no scrotum either. When the boy was growing, his organism could not make a definitive decision of which sex it virtually had. To crown it all, the boy started developing women's bosom. It goes without saying that the child became a very shy and secluded individual. When Sergei grew up, he could not have a relationship with girls: his penis was only five centimeters long.

When doctors were removing the defective organ, they were trying to preserve as much penis tissue as possible. After that they took a piece of skin, muscle and blood vessels from the man's left forearm. The forearm tissue was used to make a new penis for the man.

Before the new penis took its more or less natural forms, doctors prepared an appropriate "filling" for it so that the man could lead a normal physical and sexual life. Surgeons made the urethra and fixed the new phallus with the help of two tube-like silicone implants, which would be perform the erectile function. After that the doctors attached the man's micro-penis to the top of the new reproductive organ, which was growing on the man's arm. They also connected the new urethra with the old one and successfully completed all other procedures having attached skin and blood vessels. When the microsurgical stage of the operation ended, the surgeon reattached the whole construction back to the man's crotch. The swollen blue and red piece of meat hardly bears any resemblance to what is generally considered to be the male genitalia. Bruises and edema will fade away in a week or two, the surgeon said.

It took the doctors 11 hours to complete the operation.

"As far as I know it became the first operation of the kind. I am very happy to realize that it took place in Russia. However, I think that such an idea occurred to a lot of specialists from other countries too," the doctor said. "A normal usual sexual intercourse was the prime goal of the whole operation. I believe that my patient may develop sexual sensitivity of his new penis in several months, which will add much more quality to his future private life. Such an effect would be absolutely impossible, if we created the new organ from the forearm tissue only. The man would only sense a touch in this case. When the new organ recovers from the operation, Sergei will become the proud owner of the 17-cm penis. Women will never be able to suspect anything. The patient will have no urination problems either. When Sergei was a baby, doctors should have conducted a course of hormone-replacing therapy for him. He still has no scrotum - that is why he will have to have another operation in the near future.

It is worth mentioning the Sergei is absolutely overwhelmed with his new acquisition. He is eager to start a new high-quality life.

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