Sex games end with electric toothbrush in young man's rectum

The operating center of the Moscow rescue service has recently received a very strange, albeit a very funny call. A 25-year-old Muscovite called and said that his girlfriend had pushed an electric toothbrush up his anus. The toothbrush was turned on during the process, the young man specified.

An operator said that the man was extremely shy to talk about such an intricate occurrence. His voice was trembling when the operator was asking him for details. As it became known, the young man was having a session of sex games with his girlfriend. It suddenly occurred to the girl to use a vibrating electric toothbrush in order to experience an absolutely different kind of pleasure. The enterprising lovers decided to turn the toothbrush on, and the girl carefully forced it inside the man's rectum. It just so happened that the toothbrush slipped out of the girl's hands because of abundant lubricant that she had applied on the "extreme vibrator." The dental-care device made its way down the rectum alone. It became impossible to take the toothbrush out as a result of such a daring sexual experiment.

The two lovers made their way to a hospital, but doctors refused to help them: medics said that they did not have appropriate tools for it. The desperate young man decided to dial the number of the Moscow rescue service. However, when the rescue squad arrived to the hospital, they did not find either the unfortunate man or his "resourceful" girlfriend. The young people and the toothbrush apparently decided to find a different way out of the situation, without attracting any public attention to their delicate problem.

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