Man stays alive after drinking two liters of vodka

This incident became the first occurrence of the kind, which has ever been registered in medical practice. An individual usually suffers from vomiting after drinking too much alcohol - this physiological reaction occurs on the level of 1.2 pro mil of blood-alcohol content. A loss of consciousness takes place on the level of 3 pro mil, whereas a lethal outcome occurs on the level of 4 pro mil, when a person stops breathing and dies.

A male resident of Bulgaria from the town of Plovdiv hit all world records on the blood-alcohol level and stayed alive. Doctors determined that the man had drunk 9.14 pro mil of alcohol, the Standard Bulgarian newspaper wrote. Bulgarian medics came across such an enduring man by accident.

A Mercedes car knocked down a 67-year-old man, Pyotr Petrov on December 20th, 2004. The man was hospitalized, where doctors examined him and took his blood samples. They were shocked to reveal an incredibly high blood-alcohol content. The doctors refused to believe such a result and repeated the blood test five more times.

According to toxicologists, the man had consumed two liters of vodka. The man, however, was quite adequate in his behavior and could give reasonable answers to doctors' questions.

The doctors managed to take the man out of the state of severe alcoholic intoxication. Pyotr Petrov, however, will stay at the hospital for further examination: doctors want to find out how the 67-year-old man managed to avoid death.

A previous similar record was registered in 2003. It was set by a man from Latvia, who recovered after drinking the amount of alcohol, which was enough to kill a human being twice. The "resurrected" Latvian hero said that he got drunk after his wife left him. The man could not remember how much he had drunk, but the blood test revealed the 7.22 pro mil alcohol content, which was twice as much as the lethal dose. According to Latvian newspapers, the police found the body of a 30-year-old man in February of 2001: the level of alcohol in his blood reached 8.25 pro mil. That record-breaker did not survive the booze, though.

The 0.2 pro mil of alcohol content in human blood corresponds to one glass of red wine or two cans of beer that an adult man drinks on an empty stomach.

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