Making love to a car finally pays off

Santiago, Chile: A young male spent the longest time kissing an automobile hoping to win the car. One of the local Rock and Pop radio stations announced a rather unusual contest. The contest was meant to manipulate peoples' feelings. The final prize - a brand new auto was indeed worth fighting for. Each contestant was required to kiss the car for as long as he/she possibly could. In order to make the process more appealing, each person needed to imagine the sexiest woman or the sexiest man on earth!

22-year-old Jose Aliaga turned out to be the most persistent. It only took him 54 hours to get the job done. As a result of his long "caresses", the young man has won the adorable auto. Jose was granted the keys to the car as soon as his opponent had surrendered. Mr. Aliaga's desire to win was so bad that he barely interrupted the kissing procedure in the course of the entire 54 hours. However, he was allowed to take 3-min brakes every three hours. It is unknown whether he had enough to have something to eat.

The man's final kiss took place 54 hours and 22 minutes since the beginning of the "kissing marathon". When the hero has finally taken his lips off the car, he still had enough energy to comment his remarkable deed. Jose stated that he had an incredibly strong desire to win the car. According to him, that particular car has been his dream, the only thing he's been thinking about.

Desire to possess a particular item makes people do craziest things. In October of last year one of the supermarkets in Lisbon was giving away designer clothes to everyone who would show up in the store absolutely naked. Nearly 70 people caught the bait, majority of who were men. Naked customers were allowed to take as much clothes as they could carry.

Similar campaign took place in Moscow on April Fools day, when one of the mobile phone operators was giving away free phones to naked customers.

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