Chastity belts become more popular with modern men

Just one quick look at men's chastity belts is enough to make you shudder at such antihuman invention of the mankind. British and German women, however, feel free to make their husbands wear genital irons before letting them leave for work. The most horrible thing about it is that "cuffed" men do not give way to despair: they easily communicate with other men, who have their penises locked up in their pants. Chastity belts pose only one problem for their owners - men feel shy to use public toilets.

Men's chastity belts were invented for the first time in England, at the end of the 19th century. The Victorian epoch generated terrifying devices to subdue the lustful nature of a man. Chastity belts became popular with men only a few years ago. The advantage of wearing a chastity belt was exposed to men of the world in 2002. Salzburg lawyer Henrich Firshman was accused of sexual harassment at work. The lawyer's wife told the judge that the suit filed against her husband was groundless, because the man had been wearing a chastity belt at work for two years. The belt was presented at the court - it looked quite worn out. In addition, forensic experts proved that the belt was worn by Firshmen. The chastity belt saved the man's career and relieved him of the need to pay thousands of euros of penalties.

About 30,000 European men come to work wearing chastity belts nowadays. This astounding Puritanism during the age of sexual revolution has been probably caused with people's wish to be 100 percent sure of their faithfulness. It is noteworthy that women wear chastity belts in such families too.

Chastity belts are presumably worn by gigolos. European women have a fondness for hiring young men from developing countries for sexual favors. Women pay them 500 euros a month, but they also make their young studs wear chastity belts to protect them against their own frivolous behavior.

According to websites, which sell men's chastity belts, modern gigolos are ready to stand any humiliation for money. Experienced gigolos advise amateurs to ask for expensive plastic chastity belts from their women. Plastic belts, they say, do not jingle and more importantly - they do not cause any inconveniences with metal detectors in stores and airports.

Specialists of medicine say, however, that chastity belts are very harmful to men. They are very tight and rigid; they may block blood flow and cause painful edema, tissue numbness and even temporal impotence. Women's chastity belts are a lot less problematic - they do not exert any negative influence on the sexual function of a woman.

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