People drop sink down on car to shut the alarm up

The people, who live in one of Moscow's apartment blocks, were infuriated with the unceasing and irritating sound of the car alarm outside. Someone, who was desperately seeking silence and tranquility, dropped a sink down on the car. The car owner is grieving, but his neighbors are happy to enjoy the silence.

The press service of Moscow's southern police administration reported that someone threw a sink out of a window of apartment block 30 in Kaspiiski Street in Moscow. The sink fell down on the Zhiguli car, which was parked near the building. The sink considerably damaged the roof of the car. "The car owner reported the incident, but we have not been able to find the person, who threw the sink out of the window yet. Most likely, one of the neighbors did that to get rid of the long-lasting alarm noise that annoyed them at night," a police officer said.

It was not the first occurrence, when people lynched the owners of noisy cars. The car alarm disturbs too many people, who try to sleep in their homes at night after a hard day at work. One can call the police and complain of the car noise. The police will promise to take measures, although such measures do not bring any good, as a rule, and the honking goes on.

It is noteworthy that car owners could easily avoid people's anger - they only need to make their cars quiet. Everything depends on the alarm settings. Incorrect settings can make the car alarm even wind-sensitive.

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