Man forgets his daughter in a sports bag

Even experienced police officers serving at the railway station in the town of Vitebsk were shocked with the story that happened to a family of their town-fellows.

A married couple arrived in Vitebsk from Moscow, where they stayed for a short while hardly being able to make a living. The family couple was traveling light: they had only one big sports bag with them, in which they were carrying their own daughter, Vika.

The travelers did not feel shy to drink alcohol in the train on their way to Vitebsk. When they arrived to the railway station, the woman was hospitalized with alcoholic intoxication. The woman's husband apparently wanted to drink some more, for he went to a cafe and bought a glass of vodka there. The man had to answer a call of nature soon after that. He put the sports bag with his daughter on a bench in the station hall and left. When he returned, he found that the bag was gone and so was the little girl. Being too happy with alcohol, the man forgot about the loss of his own child, bought a train ticket and went in the direction that he could not remember afterwards. The man had nothing to do in the train, which was probably the reason why he realized several hours later that he was traveling alone without his child. The "loving" father got off the train and bought another ticket back to Vitebsk.

The thieves, who stole the bag probably decided that it would come in handy someday, so they took the bag with them. However, they found the girl in the bag absolutely useless. Police officers found the lonely child shaking with cold from head to foot. The police took care of the child and sent the girl to a local hospital. A bit later they came across a man, who was looking for his daughter; the man was saying that he had forgotten his child on account of his drunkenness.

When the mother of the lost child recovered from her intoxication, she came to the hospital to take the daughter away. The police officers had to call the maternity hospital, in which Vika was born, to identify the girl's parents. When they determined the woman's parental rights for the girl, they had to give the child away.

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