Peacock escapes from his cage and causes sex scandal in Moscow zoo

A peacock escaped from the Moscow zoo on November 6th. The incident happened when zoo employees were moving birds to indoor cages for the winter period. The zoo administration called upon Muscovites not to catch the exotic fugitive, for it could cause damage to the bird's health.

The peacock "settled" in a quiet Moscow area, the residents of which started calling the zoo, saying that they had seen the bird sleeping in a tree, or just walking near the houses.

Winter cold came to Russia a week ago. The peacock started looking for a warm place: he was eventually locked and caught in a small heating station. "The peacock is absolutely fine. The bird is definitely tired, which helped us catch it without nets or tranquilizers," ornithologist Nikolai Skuratov said. "When the bird finally returned to the zoo, we saw that it had a very good appetite - it proved that the bird was healthy," the specialist added.

When the peacock escaped, he left 15 of his beautiful females. If peacock were a smart bird, it would never risk to dump his harem off for two weeks. However, peacocks are known for being bird-brained to the maximum. Young male peacocks used the advantage of their rival's absence immediately and conquered females' hearts.

When the peacock returned to the zoo, it was placed in a separate cage for safety reasons, to avoid possible infections. Most likely, the male will have to stay there alone for several months until spring comes. When male birds live outside, they do not quarrel over their females. As a rule, each male peacock has two or three beauty birds, with whom he can enjoy life entirely. If males are places in a closed cage without females, they become rather aggressive. The fugitive peacock will most likely wish to return his exes, although the latter are not interested in him anymore. "His tail has become a little shabby in his lonely adventure outside the zoo. The guy has definitely lost a bit of his sex appeal," zoo employees say.

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