Sanitary technicians recommend using newspapers instead of expensive toilet paper

The state of the Russian sewerage leaves much to be desired. The situation is quite pitiable in St. Petersburg: the European Union has recently assigned some money to the city in an attempt to improve the ecological situation in the ocean. The state of things in Russia's capital is not better at all. There is no sea in Moscow, so one does not have to wait for Europe's help to arrive at this point.

However, as it turns out, the canalization issue is far from being perfect in mighty Europe too. First and foremost, the system suffers from fine and expensive toilet paper. It takes expensive toilet paper about 30 minutes to dissolve, whereas the cheaper paper is much faster at this point. Baby moist towelettes thrown out in the toilet become a total disaster for the sewage system, for it takes them several days to decompose.

British sanitary technicians say that the need of the sewage cleaning has raised by ten percent in 2004 in comparison with 2003. A customer, or an insurance company has to pay J90 for every visit of a specialist from the company British Gas, which deals with such a noble business.

British Gas specialists conducted a simple research, which revealed that even newspapers were less harmful for the sewerage as opposed to expensive toilet paper. They hurried to set out their claims to paper-makers, although the latter were quite lazy to react seriously. It was particularly said that the problem turned up because of the outdated British canalization, not for the expensive toilet paper. Sanitary technicians had to retreat.

It was later said that every British citizen has a right to choose the toilet paper that he or she likes to use. Cheap paper is safe for the sewage system and the wallet, whereas fine paper is much more pleasant. That is why it was decided not to use any sanctions against those, who can bring such a humble pleasure to people.

Speaking of Russia, one should say that cheap toilet paper and just newspapers still enjoy great popularity among the Russian wipers.

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