World's most hated bodybuilder goes out with transvestites

Gregg Valentino is known in the world of bodybuilding as Mr. Synthol - "in honor" of the medication, huge doses of which he injects in his arms. He usually brings a syringe and an ampoule of synthol to every party that he attends. However, the impression of the moment, when Gregg injects a dose of synthol, pales in comparison with his ladies. Mr. Synthol usually goes out with women, who used to be men.

Gregg Valentino is 169 cm tall, and the volume of his biceps is 58 cm. It took the bodybuilder 23 years of training and liters of steroids to grow his monstrous muscles. In addition, Gregg lost his hair and earned liver cancer because of the medication. The bodybuilder explains his aspiration to become the world's biggest-biceps-guy with a wish to get rid of the inferiority complex.

"Look at me: I'm bald, I have two different colored eyes, I have a big nose, I'm short and squatty. I have short man complex. I have a Napoleon complex. Thank god I have a big dick. Girls are usually repulsed by me. They look at me like, "That's ri-god damned-diculous!" Gregg says.

Gregg Valentino believes that transsexual females are most attractive women for him. Former men attract his attention with their height, silicon breasts and inability to get pregnant. Gregg, however, feels very offended, when someone calls him gay. He claims that he does not sleep with men.

Gregg met his current girlfriend, porn actress Marcia, when he saw her in the adult video "Transvoyage". Valentino is on constant presence on the set of her every movie. He plays with his dumbbells, while Marcia plays another hot part in bed.

Synthol is a medication of the intermuscular adipose acid. It is synthetic oil that is used for muscular injections. Synthol reaches intermuscular space, where it stays to enlarge muscles. A bottle of Synthol costs $300-400.

Specialists say that injections of foreign substances can be highly dangerous. If a needle injures a blood vessel incidentally, it may result in a heart attack. The use of any steroids leads to infertility, impotence and premature aging.

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