Staffordshire terrier talks and takes care of cats

Vladimir Lubayev lives in a country house, where he keeps six cats and two dogs. One of his dogs, Bagira, likes to take garbage out. The dog grabs a bucket and takes it outside. The other dog, named Yulka, a beautiful Staffordshire terrier, is an outstanding pet in the village. "Yulka has been living with us for more than two years. We used to have a dog before, but someone poisoned it and it died. We were very depressed about the loss of the pet, until we had Yulka, a small pretty puppy. I like listening to the music very much and the little dog liked it too. As soon as I turned a record off, it would start barking, asking me to play more music. When Yulka turned 12 months she started talking. I could hear the dog saying "mama" like a little baby!" Vladimir's wife said.

The talking dog triumphantly demonstrated its talking abilities. She ran up to the table, looked at her owner, ate a piece of sugar and said "mama." The terrier barked a little bit more and then said very distinctly: "Vo-va," "yum-yum," "Ro-ma."

"Please, do not think that we make the dog do such things. She is willing to talk herself," Vladimir said proudly. "Roma is our grandson's name. Me and my wife wanted so much to teach the dog how say this name, and our efforts were rewarded!"

Yulka is a unique animal indeed. When she feels like eating, she comes up to Vladimir (whose short name is Vova) and says: "Vova, yum yum!"

"We keep six cats in the house. When we sit at table to have dinner, they gather around us and wait until we throw a piece of something delicious to them. They just won't let us eat. Then we ask Yulka to establish law and order in the dining room. The dog makes them all flee in a second. She is a smart pet indeed. I hope she will read poems to us someday," Vladimir said.

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