The size of women's bra always changes

Experts of women's lingerie believe that women are not supposed to suffer from discomfort on daily basis, especially when it comes to wearing such intimate garments as bras.

When a woman comes to a store to buy a new bra, she may spend about 40 minutes there or even more before she makes the final choice. An experienced lady always knows how to pick the right size. On certain occurrences, however, a woman may try on a half of what she finds nice, but will leave with nothing because of the wrong size problem.

Choosing a bra is a highly minute, intricate process. According to statistics, about 80 percent of American women wear bras of wrong size on daily basis. Such carelessness may lead to breast illnesses, mastopathy for example, not to mention the permanent feeling of discomfort. Once a woman buys a perfect match for her breasts, she hardly takes it off and wears it until its snow-white color turns grey and yellow. Other women start buying packs of other bras as soon as they discover that the perfect size exists.

Women's body changes with age that is why the same size of a bra might not fit during a certain period of time. Size changes due to menstrual cycles, puberty, pregnancy, menopause and babysitting. The use of birth control pills also affects the size metamorphosis.

Everybody knows lingerie boutiques are filled with hundreds of various designs just because of the variety of women's breasts. One size can fit two different shapes and volumes at times. It is noteworthy that the size of a bra is perfect when a woman can hardly feel that she is wearing it.

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