UFOs attack Russian planes, US airport

Unidentified flying objects were spotted above the airbase on the outskirts of the town of Lipetsk. Colonel Vladimir Litvin was making a usual training flight, the newspaper (Zhisn) wrote. "There was no interference at all. Everything was working just fine. The plane of my conditional enemy was flying underneath mine. I was preparing to attack it, when I suddenly saw six objects on the target screen. The green and blue balls were different in size. The biggest one was in front of the smaller ones." The colonel saw the green ray of light coming out of the biggest object. The light was too bright, but the pilot managed to protect his eyes with the color filter of the helmet. He bent down to hide from the blinding light and took the plane to a different direction. When he looked at the target screen, he could not see any objects on it. The objective control device of the aircraft photographed the balls. Specialists found the pictures genuine, although they failed to identify the objects.

Meanwhile, an identified flying object probably crashed in the States several days ago. Brandon McBroom from Fort Wayne, Indiana, was driving his car to the airport to see his relatives. He looked at the clouds and saw a strange object flying across the sky. The object was shining with very bright light. McBroom has never believed UFO stories, so he was not flabbergasted with the sight of the bright object in the sky. He grabbed the video camera and taped the UFO until it disappeared behind the hills around Fort Wayne.

The American man sold the tape to a local TV channel, whose specialists analyzed the video material. It turned out that it was neither a plane nor a meteorological balloon. In addition, the object was flying very fast, faster than jetliners. Military men rejected their implication in the incident: they said that they would never test a new aircraft near the airport.

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