Japanese ladies obsessed with toilet sounds

Japanese people have always been famous for their exquisite tastes. Here is yet another proof of this. Japanese ladies discovered another object of affection: the device that bears rather modest name of a "Sound Princess" produces toilet sounds.

The "Sound princess" gets activated after a lady slightly passes her hand over a specially designed sensor. As a result, the built-in-loud speaker produces the sound of flushing water and other corresponding sounds.

According to the product manufacturer "Toto", sales volume has doubled in comparison to previous years; today, it constitutes 500 000 (since the beginning of 2004). Majority of clients are school girls and companies. "Toto's" spokesman Kumi Goto stated: "Japanese women get so enthusiastic over the sounds produced in the toilet."

One just has to add a recording feature and enable wireless Internet connection and Japanese women could effortlessly exchange the new types of messages with each other.

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