Lemon slice instead of condom?!

In India, where high birth rate is really a problem, government officials debate whether it would be appropriate to recommend people to use a slice of lemon instead of a condom.

Zealous birth-control advocate Indian senator Mekhai Viravaidja claims that a small slice of lemon or a tampon soaked in freshly-squeezed lemon juice can in fact save the country from overpopulation if placed in a woman’s vagina right before intercourse. According to him, country people are oftentimes afraid of condoms. They think the contraceptive will deprive them of great pleasure. Besides, people who live on the outskirts, within great distances from the nearest cities, find it troublesome to get condoms in the first place. So why not suggest them to use lemon juice, which according to doctors, kills sperm in mere 30 seconds?

Head of the Department of Health Pakdi Poshiri however, has stated in his interview to “The National” that lemon juice is only 60% effective if used as a contraceptive, not to mention the fact that it does not prevent the spread of STD.

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