Britons Invented Stimulating Pizza

Britain's Iceland supermarket network wants to put a new sort of exciting pizza on the market. A spokesperson for the company says the new sort of pizza will make hearts beat stronger and cause explosions of sexual desire.

The magic pizza will have an effect not only upon men but also upon women. Cooks are working on the recipe of the pizza, however some details of the recipe are available already now. According to Germany's Bild, the pizza will be stuffed with such stimulants as artichoke, asparagus, garlic and onion. Ginger and pepper will make it spicier. These components are known for their capability to cause blood inflow in genitals.

There are special pizza sorts with caviar, mollusks and oysters for those who do not like spicy pizza. British cooks are also developing a particular recipe for those who do not like any of the two above mentioned recipes; this sort of pizza will be made of strawberry, chocolate and bananas.

This is wonderful that the new stimulating remedy requires no prescription and causes no side effects except for calories which may be further burnt in bed.


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