Sex Depends on Size of Brain

Australian scientists have found out which part of the human brain is responsible for sexual attraction with people. As it turns out, the bigger the part of the brain, the faster and more intense man's excitement is.

The discovery was made by a group of neurophysiologists from the University of Melbourne. According to the researchers, the degree of sexual excitement depends upon an active part of the brain called amygdala. This part of the human brain is of an almond size and responds to sexual irritants faster than others. Earlier, it was believed that amygdala was responsible for coupling with animals.

As it turns out, big amygdala means stronger love for sex with people. Researchers examined 45 epileptics who had some parts of the brain cut out, amygdala among them. People with bigger amygdala had more intense sexual attraction. At the same time, epileptics with bigger parts of amygdala cut out were almost indifferent to sex.


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