Jesus Christ Vladimirovich Lives in Zhitomyr

Valentina Kunda, chairwoman of the department for civil affairs of Ukraine's Justice Ministry said, two young parents decided to register their babyboy's name, Jesus Christ, a year ago. Employees of the local marriage registration office tried to talk the young couple out of such an endeavor. They particularly said that if a boy grows and then has a son, his son's patronymic will sound absolutely insane - Jesuschristovich (in the Slavic manner). To crown it all, if parents insist, their son's full name will be Jesus Christ Vladimirovich (Vladimir is the father's name). The Orthodox Church may perceive such a combination negatively.

Furthermore, the unusual name may cause problems for the boy's communication with other children, not to mention his future adult life. However, the parents were very persistent. "Twelve months have already passed, but the parents have not expressed their wish to change the boy's name," Valentina Kunda said.

Valentina Kunda also informed, family relations in Ukraine are regulated with the Code of Marriage and Family. According to the code, parents can give any name to their child. The new family code (it is to come into effect from January 1, 2004) does not have any restrictions either. Such restrictions exist in the laws of several countries, including certain European states.

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