How Does it Feel to Have Cockroaches in Ears?

A woman from Sydney woke up in the morning one day and felt her ears were full of cockroaches. Now, the woman demands that authorities must pay compensation to her because the authorities failed to properly protect her home from insects.

The poor woman tells that her house swarms with cockroaches so awfully that it sometimes seems that the walls are moving. "The insects fall down from the ceiling and the house if full of them!" And the enormous number of cockroaches is registered in the building despite of the fact that it has been subject to 18 disinfections within the past 6 years.

Until recently, the brave Australian woman has refused to leave the house. But she changed her opinion when one morning she woke up and decided she turned deaf because of cockroaches in the ears. At first, the woman was panic-stricken but then appealed for medical aid. The sum of the compensation the woman demands from the authorities is not mentioned. She insists that the house management failed to do proper disinfection in the house so that people could use it for living. Documents that the woman has sent to court say that cockroaches have caused her huge psychological damage and drove her to psychosis and depression. The Australian woman told journalists that cockroaches made her feel dirty, destroyed her life and turned her into a different person.

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