Russian Family Nearly Abducted by Aliens

The incident took place in the town of Yukhnov in Russia's Kaluga region. One fine Saturday evening a mother and her daughter were cooking dinner for their family, the father was watching TV and their 16-year-old son was out with his friends. There was an interesting program on television - the two ladies stopped doing the kitchen work and joined the man.

About an hour later, the man incidentally looked in the window and could not believe his eyes: an UFO was hanging in the air above the roof of the opposite house. It was a "common" flying disk, rays of light were coming out from the bottom of the disk and the man could even seen aliens coming down on the ground on one of those rays.

The father decided to warn his son about a possible danger of being abducted by aliens, so he dialed his cell phone number. The son did not believe a word of his father's story, of course - he made up his mind to go and see everything with his own eyes.

The young man went to the site of the weird incident, but he saw nothing there. He called his father to say that, but the latter said the aliens were still there. On the stairways to the apartment, the guy smelled gas. When he entered the apartment, he realized that his mother and sister had forgotten about the kettle with boiling water on the gas stove. The boiling water put the flame down, but gas was still coming. As it turned out, the whole family had a hallucination because of the gas that filled the room, Regions.Ru reports.

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