Space and Sex Don't Mix

Everyone knows that having sex is space is rather complicated because of the weightlessness. However, this peculiarity is not a problem for people's imagination. In 1901, author George Griffith wrote a novel The Honeymoon in Space. The novel was about a young married couple that was traveling and making love in the Solar system. In 1999, Barcelona-based pornographic company Private Media released an unusual film which contained a scene filmed in the state of weightlessness. The scene was shot in a special plane. The budget of the movie was enough only for one take, when an actor and an actress had to fly up to each other and do the scene during a minute.

Very few people know that there was a naked woman on board the Mir space station. She was smoothing over cosmonauts' lives, although she was not a crew member. Her photograph can be found only in cosmonauts' personal photo albums. She was a very slim woman but she had very wide hips because the hatchway was right between her legs. The woman was drawn with a marker on the wall. When the station splashed into the ocean, the woman drowned together with the station.

Thirty years ago people sent a picture of naked man and woman in space - a message to extraterrestrial beings. The tablet with the picture is now travelling in space beyond the solar system. Probably, "people" from the Taurus constellation will be looking at the picture in about two million years.

Universe is eternal and love is an eternal subject for people - love makes the world go round. Loving couples like to look at the stars, they whisper romantic words to each under in the moonlight, although such romantic gestures usually lead to bed.

In the very start of the world, there was no sex at all. Reproduction was conducted with the help of agamogenesis - biological organisms were breeding with cell division and gemmation. Mutation was uncommon, reproduction was guaranteed, there was no need to fight for females. Something was changed during the evolution. A certain impact, most likely a fall of a meteorite or strong radiation currents, fundamentally changed the reproduction on Earth. There were organisms that could exchange their genetic information and borrow useful qualities from each other. Darwin's selection accelerated the evolution, selecting most successful variants and casting unsuccessful ones aside. Sex was moving the evolution long before it started influencing politicians', scientists', and military men's decisions.

The driving force of the evolution is a strong and sexy being. This explains the development of the human mind. As a rule, females prefer males whose conduct testifies to developed nervous system. Progress can be easily driven with romantic people. Someone wishes to conquer a new partner and experience the ultimate pleasure, others dream to learn something about extraterrestrial worlds - they want to move toward the unknown.

The attitude to space was different during the Cold War era, when there was "no sex" in the USSR. Missiles and nukes symbolized the power and strength. Nowadays some people compare missiles to phallic images. An advertisement of male potency pills shows a launch of a missile. A docking process in space is compared to close contacts of another kind.

In fact, space and sex do not mix because cosmology is very serious. As one of the characters said in the American Pie movie: "This is not a shuttle launch, this is just sex." The people responsible for launching missiles are very far from erotic dreams. The people who dream about having sex in space or on other planets will never become astronauts.

However, space technologies are widely used in the sex industry. The cybersilicon, for instance, was originally developed as protective gear worn underneath space suits: it feels nice on skin, it keeps the body warm and it allows the skin to breath. Later, the sex industry started using cybersilicon for the production of vibrators. Russian scientists developed the suit called Chibis - pleated air-proof waist pants. The air is pumped out of the pants, which makes blood rush to legs. Chibis was later used for the development of an appliance to treat the ejaculation dysfunction. Chibis was acknowledged as one of the most important inventions of the 20th century at an international technological exhibition in Moscow. Space technologies can now be used in bed too.

Mattresses by NASA are currently available in the USA. They are so-called smart beds made of warmth and pressure sensitive material that has a memory effect. The producers guarantee good sleep in any position. The mattresses were originally invented for astronauts' comfort in space.

Space industry development forecasts show, the space knowledge will bring a lot of profit to the sex industry. This is a matter of the future, though. In present times, a lot of cosmonauts say that they terribly miss their wives and families in space.

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