Italians Do It Better!

Several public organization of Italy and the municipal government of Turin decided to identify the typical Italian man, who often uses prostitutes' services. They invited several "love customers" to confess on the phone - a team of sociologists was attentively listening to everyone of them. There were psychologists, sexologists and a priest in the team. Despite skeptical forecasts, the phone did not stop ringing for about two months - the group had to work with tens of thousands of men, which allowed to make up the typical description of a client.

First and foremost, men go to prostitutes because of loneliness and their dream of a beautiful lady who can sell both her body and her soul. In addition, it is believed that the manifestation of sexual needs is an instinct that cannot be controlled or subdued. The age of prostitutes' clients varies from 16 to 80 years old: young men look for love and older men can not find sexual satisfaction in their families.

This is the basic description of an Italian man, who uses hookers' services, like drug addicts and gamblers look for their adventures. As a result of the mentioned poll, the typical man does not look like a sexual maniac driven with uncontrollable sexual passion looking for new victims. On the contrary, it is a lonely man in low spirits. His motto is either "I am not happy" or "I am ashamed." This goes for men of all ages. Teenage boys and young men below 30 are driven with the wish to realize that they are above the wrong myth about sex as an instinct subduing their will. For older men and pensioners, a meeting with a prostitute implies moral satisfaction first and foremost.

"From what we have been able to understand, casual encounters with prostitutes gradually turn to frequent and regular dates, especially when it comes to the prostitutes of foreign origin. There was a man who was brining food to Nigerian prostitutes," a sociologist said. At times, clients decide to enlighten hookers and make them return to the right path. There was a man, who spent $70,000 trying to make a Nigerian woman quit her job, but he eventually had to acknowledge his defeat.

It became clear as a result of the poll, 16 percent of young men between 19-24 years old had had contacts with prostitutes. Forty-three percent of clients want to have unprotected sex with hookers, 70 percent of clients are married men.

What do prostitutes say about their clients?

"My first time was not pleasant at all: I threw up and could not continue, so I had to stop working with my client. I will never forget his ugly face, because he was insulting me in all possible ways. I could not start working for two months, but then I got used to it." "I saw a small man with a big beer belly. He was the age of my father, it was disgusting." "I can't stand them, especially if they try to look into my private life, or if they ask me to be their company in a bar or a restaurant. They usually end up with offering me an unprotected sexual intercourse and they are ready to pay twice as much for it."

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