Spermatozoids Stay Drunk for Long

Modern medicine is experiencing a great need of donors for reproductive technologies. However, before going to a sperm bank, a man must lead immaculate life for three days: no sex, no alcohol, no hot baths or hot showers and no pills.

Specialists will be able to trace all these factors in semen. If a donor was drinking alcohol, his spermatozoids will be inert and slow-moving. The bank will not accept such sperm. In theory, the frozen sperm can be stored for ages. In practice, however, sperm keeps its qualities for three years. After that, the number of viable spermatozoids becomes smaller and smaller for yet-unknown reasons.

A sperm bank does not guarantee that pregnancy will occur without fail. However, as experience shows, the artificial insemination efficiency makes up 15 or 20 percent, whereas a common sexual intercourse is only ten percent efficient. One portion of semen can be enough for three inseminations.

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