Ode to Women's Intimate Beauty

There are two categories of men - the men who like to dress women nicely and the men, who like to undress women nicely. The first category of men is called fashion designers and the second one is called seducers.

It is not easy to find the names of the men, who became pioneers in designing women's lingerie. Women started wearing clothes about 40,000 years ago - they were not actually clothes, but animal fur and skin. Fashion changed dramatically, when someone invented a needle 15,000 years ago. That was the time, when the first fashion designer was born. The development of clothes continued in Accent Egypt, where people learnt to make cotton, flax and wool fabric. The brilliant Chinese invented silk later. First descriptions of clothes made of fabric can be traced in the year 3000 B.C. Women were wearing something like dresses and skirts, and men put on big pieces of cloth that had cuts for arms. The society started realizing the need of underwear. However, the ancient mankind was not wise enough to invent the bra and panties. Underneath the tunic, men were wearing bands, slaves did not wear anything at all, though.

The Greeks were the first people, who attempted to design underwear. Prostitutes from Crete Island were wearing something that resembled corsets and bras. Ancient statues show the evolution of both the under- and outerwear.

The history of the modern underwear starts in the 12th century, when it became a usual part of European people's everyday life. Women started wearing it to attract men's attention, to spellbind and conquer them. A corset was invented in the Middle Ages, which underlined the beauty of the woman's body. The beginning of the 20th century was marked with a very significant event - a corset was cut into two, and slips and bras came into this world. The design of women's slips, bras and other accessories started developing very fast.

French and Italian designers have succeeded a lot in this respect. Their ideas created small revolutions in the world of fashion. Women of the 20th century had an opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of exquisite garments such as tights, peignoirs, wonderbras, stockings, strings, thongs, and so on and so forth. Men were brightest designers of women's lingerie. Women's underwear became a flawless weapon to gain men's attention, it was an "ode to women's intimate beauty."

It has already become a usual thing for men to buy beautiful erotic underwear for their women. When a man does so, he tries to emphasize the sex appeal of his woman, and the latter is extremely happy to receive such gifts. Underwear is an indispensable attribute of erotic games. Beautifully designed underwear gave birth to erotic dancing and striptease.

Modern designers try to use all ideas that can occur to them, creating bras and panties made of chocolate, precious metals, decorating them with diamonds and crystal. Thousands of underwear models have been designed for women to enjoy the wearing and for men to enjoy the viewing. A beautiful woman wearing beautiful underwear is something that all men admire.

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