First-born Children Have Better Chances for Presidency

First-born children are always more successful in life as compared with their junior brothers and sisters. They usually treat more seriously everything they do, choice of a profession or a job; consequently they achieve higher success at that. Middle brothers and sisters are as a rule more sociable, they feel good in merry companies of friends. Junior children in families are manipulators who usually exert influence upon other people to get whatever they want.

This is a classification given in the book Why the First-borns Rule the World by Australian psychologist Michael Grose.

To prove his words the author cites facts that are known to everybody. He says that all American cosmonauts were first-born children in their families. The same could be said about many political leaders such as Winston Churchill, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, Bill Clinton and George Bush. But such famous figures as Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and George Bush the father mismatch the rule; they succeeded better than their elder brothers and sisters. So, such exceptions do prove the rule.

Michael Grose insists that each baby in a family requires an individual approach. He says that first-born children need support that they need to carry out their plans. Middle brothers and sisters always need to be reminded that their opinions are also very important for decision making; otherwise children in the middle will treat things that happen around them too thoughtlessly. As for junior children, they need constant attention; what is more, it is not good to constantly tell them that other brothers and sisters are older. Otherwise they would like to play the role of "little and offended children" to get whatever they want.

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