Sensational Sports: Rafting on Rubber Sex Dolls

Results of the competition in rafting on rubber sex dolls have been summed up. The competition was conducted on the rough sector of the Vuoksa River near St.Petersburg (Russia).

The rapids are usually used for rafting in canoe and catamarans. The recently held competition wasn't a sexually chauvinistic event; in some cases women rafted on rubber sex dolls during the competition. Participants of the event say that rubber sex doll is economical in usage, it floats wonderfully, and it's nice to the touch, doesn't kick up rows and doesn't want to get married. All people wishing to participate in the competition were allowed to raft on rubber sex dolls. All participants were to observe the following requirements: they must wear a helmet and a life vest. Absolutely all of them must observe the requirement to remain sober between the semi-finals and the final of the competition. Those who were seen drunk were not allowed for participation in the finals.

Almost all participants gave some pet names to their rubber sex dolls they used for rafting: Mary and her Poppins; Speedy Sterlet, Cleopatra and others. Alexander Korolev who rafted on a no-name rubber sex doll taken on lease won the competition.

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