Italian Grandpa Looking for Fiancйe at Cemetery

Salvatore Bordino from South Italian Calabria has become the hero of the local mass media.

It is reported that at the age of 102 the man is looking for a new love: unfortunately, all of his previous passions have gone to a better world.

Bordino complaints he feels awfully lonely. "I have a house, a good pension and what is more important I still can do the matrimonial duty! Why can't I find a woman to marry her?" Salvatore is still working as a mechanic; it is incredible but the man has never been taken to hospital in his life.

Last time Salvatore marries was at the age of 80. To be on the safe side he deceived the fiancй and said he was only 70.

It may sound strange but Salvatore is looking for a new passion near the local cemetery. When he sees an old widowed lady bringing flowers to the grave of her late husband, he starts talking to her and then makes a proposal. For the time being, all the attempts he has made failed.

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