Having a Date, Impressing a Girl

A classic variant: Going to the movies, to a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a disco club. If it is summer, if the weather is fine, why going to a crowded place and breathing other people's sweaty odours? Nature is the best environment.

A date in a street: If you and your girl are fond of taking long walks, if you are tired of stupid dancing parties, there can be a lot of variants found to spend the time together. Take a walk in a park, in a picturesque area. It is very good to ride bicycles together – don't forget some sandwiches and water. Having a short lunch break in the middle of nowhere is very romantic.

A Super Ultra Great Variant: Ride a horse. Modern people have a wonderful opportunity to rent a couple of horses and ride them as long as they want. It is not cheap, but a gentleman in love can always afford such a romantic thing. The effect will be enormous: she will be telling that to her friends for about two weeks. At the end of the day, one may come to an agreement with a stableman. If you manage to convince him that you are on the edge of bankruptcy, he will definitely understand you as a man, and will charge you less. A horse ride is an extremely romantic thing to do.

Dating on a sports show: This is a wonderful choice indeed. Even in your girlfriend does not like football, or whatever the show you might take her to, it does not matter. The atmosphere around will excite her, and she will become your football team fan by the end of the first time. If your team scores a goal, you get a very good chance to hug and kiss your girl.

An educational date: Such dates take place in museums, as a rule. Do not be lazy and learn something before going there and impress your girl with your knowledge. Girls like love stories most of all, and telling an artist's biography might not be boring at all, because almost all artists are ladies' men. In addition to it, it is always quiet in museums and your girlfriend will be listening only to you, which is very important: don't miss your chance to tell her a lot of sweet things – she will not forget it.

A romantic date: A romantic date usually implies a picnic. The most important thing here is to choose a place for it. A fire is not necessary at all, but a CD or a tape of quiet music like blues or jazz is just the right thing. If your girl does not understand either jazz or blues, do not waste your time and take her straight to the bushes. A radio will not do here – she is not supposed to pay her attention to commercials, DJs, and so on. When on a picnic with a girl, remember that you are supposed to become the center of the universe for her. However, a romantic date means that a man is supposed to win a girl's heart, not her …

A concert, a show, a performance Anything of that is good for the first date and for other dates later on. There is one thing about it, though. You must be sure that your girl likes the band, the show of which she is going to see with you, or she will like it a lot, at least. Do not take risks here. If her mood worsens, it will not be easy to improve it, and she will have the negative impression of you and your favorite band.

Dating in a company of friends: One has to be really careful about it. Pick out most decent men among your pals. Do not ever think of inviting anyone, who likes to roar with laughter, crack dirty jokes and use bad words every second or two. Moreover, make sure that they know nothing of your idea. Your friends are not supposed to flirt with your girl, but they must be very attentive to her. A girl is usually very shy in a company of men that she does not know, but if she likes it, it will be a very good advantage for you. One more thing: do not ask your friends to praise you as if you are a Turkish sultan. Let everything be nice, simple and natural. Let your girlfriend relax and feel that she is surrounded by very nice gentlemen.

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