Flirting Abroad

Flirting in Turkey

Turkey is a modern European country, but Turkish women are intimidated and powerless. They all wear long gowns or baggy trousers. One can see Turkish women wearing costumes only in business quarters. It is very easy to guess the social status of a Turkish woman: she walks bareheaded before she gets married. When she has a family, she is supposed to cover her head with a kerchief. Turkish woman marry only Turkish men, it is practically impossible for a foreign man to have an affair with a Turkish beauty. Her parents carefully watch her moral image prior to the marriage, and when she becomes a married lady, her husband does not take his eyes off her. A Turkish woman can go to a restaurant only if she is accompanied by her husband or relatives. That is why, Russian male tourists have to spend their time with Ukrainian or Moldavian girls – there are a lot of them in Turkey. This is not really exotic, but at least, it is a way out.

Flirting in Arab countries

If a man is looking for a romantic adventure, it would be better for him not to travel to Arab countries at all. A romantic trip may have a very sad ending. Even an attempt to make a conversation with an Egyptian woman might lead to lamentable consequences: handcuffs and deportation. However, the commercial love industry still exists in the region. Arab prostitutes work under the condition of strict secrecy. If the police detect a whorehouse, its owners, employees and clients will have to experience a very serious punishment. It would be much better to respect Arab traditions, not to take risks and to keep pants zipped. There are lots of other interesting places in the world.

Flirting in the Philippines

The Philippine society is rather tolerant to extramarital relationships. It is rather easy to have an affair with a pretty Philippine girl – they are very friendly, careful and attentive. A Philippine girl does her best to make her man happy. Prostitution is officially banned in the Philippines, but it is very easy to find a whorehouse in Manila.

Flirting in Venezuela

Venezuelan women are very beautiful, sociable and well-mannered. They are all slim, they try hard to attract men's attention to their sex appeal. One can often see a woman wearing a short sleeve blouse, tight pants and no underwear underneath them. It might seem strange, but they have big problems with finding a common language with Venezuelan men, who go for busty fat women. Tourists can get acquainted with local girls at night clubs, restaurants, hotels. Free love is not a vice in the Venezuelan society. Local girls like Russian tokens of attention: when men give them big bunches of flowers, bottles of expensive champagne. Venezuelan people perceive Russia as a part of Europe – the land of business. That is why, local women think that all Russian tourists are rich and wealthy people. One should not be surprised if a local woman starts talking about serious relationships or even a marriage.

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