Prostitution Business Becomes More Prestigious and Respectable

When Australian law-makers legalized prostitution, the budget of the country started receiving pretty good money from erotomaniacs, who come to the continent to have fun with legal prostitutes. The demand is very high: large groups of beauty girls from Bangkok, Singapore, the Philippines arrive in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other major cities of the continent. Newcomers go straight to Australian elite whorehouses.

A Taiwanese girl Choli says that one can earn very good money in the business: "Legal brothels give us an opportunity to live and work calmly, without any risks of being involved in the criminal field. I signed a contract with Madam Stevens's house, and I have to say that I am happy with the conditions that they had offered me. My goal is to satisfy clients the best that I can do, and I do it with pleasure."

The number of brothels has been growing in Australia lately. Elite whorehouses have become rather frequent: their rooms remind VIP suits in prestigious hotels. The potential personnel of such houses of vice are selected very carefully. Employers take account of their looks and sex appeal, as well as their intellect, knowledge of foreign languages, sense of humor, social ability. Australian elite brothels usually serve Arab sheikhs, American millionaires, Japanese electronic tycoons and rich Russians.

An opening of a new elite brothel usually becomes a festive ceremony, to which famous people and stars are invited. Ron Jeremy visited the opening of the Sydney brothel Stiletto. This man is a worldwide known porn star, who starred in almost 2,000 hardcore movies. The little fat moustached man was giving autographs, ecstatic women were asking him to sign their intimate body parts, reporters of various television and radio channels were asking the famous porn actor to give them an interview. A lot of Australian newspapers published long articles about Ron Jeremy's appearance in Stiletto.

Ron Jeremy's fantastic success shows that the hardcore business is gradually becoming a mainstream entertainment, turning to a respectable and prestigious business. A lot of common supermodels and actresses prefer to go somewhere that they would never dare to go just a few years ago. Elle MacFerson, for example, presented an underwear collection in Australia's Men's Gallery, Hollywood legends Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith visited elite nightclubs.

Emilie Simpson came into the prostitution business ten years ago, when she was 18 years old: "I can see that the business is changing rapidly. Our profession is becoming more and more respectable and prestigious. Of course, we lack far behind France and America, where they have such idols like Xaviera Hollander or Silvia Burdon - they used to be just common prostitutes, but they managed to do something in their lives."

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