Homeless Macaque Lives with Homeless People in Siberia

The zoo of the Siberian city of Novosibirsk now has another animal - a macaque named Gosha, who has an interesting life story. When a small animal, Gosha had to leave the African continent, his homeland, and move over to the Russian town of Biysk, the Altay region. A rich family decided to have Gosha as their home pet. The macaque was a great entertainment for the family, when he was small, so he did not have any needs or troubles. However, the little pet soon turned out to be a big animal - a source of never-ending problems, so to speak. People settled the problem in a very simple way - they kicked the animal out of their house. The homeless monkey spent several months living with homeless people, until it was caught by the police. They took the monkey to a police station and taught him how to smoke and drink. Now the poor macaque will finally have an opportunity to lead a normal monkey life in the Novosibirsk zoo.

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