The Sweet Sin of Masturbation

Masturbation has always been an actual issue of the human sex life. Judaism and Christianity denounce masturbation, while other religions show more patience about the "sweet sin." The Church pronounced millions of American and European men and women perverts because of that. Back in the 1930s, medical catalogues offered various chastity belts.

The attitude to the issue of masturbation has changed over the years. Ninety-nine percent of people do this. Masturbation is the only way to have a sexual relief in certain situations, where a sexual intercourse is not possible: in army or in jail, for example. Masturbation is a positive social phenomenon: it is known that a lot of crimes are based on sexual dissatisfaction.

According to what the Western press has been reporting recently, one shall assume that a lot of countries pay a special attention to the issue. More than 200 masturbation clubs are registered in the United States, there are more than a hundred of such clubs in Germany.

Doctors often recommend to start a sexual intercourse with masturbation. According to numerous polls and research works, the sight of a woman that "plays with herself" is a great afrodiziak for a lot of males. However, women often do not understand men, when they learn of their secret passion: "Why do you have to do this, if you have me?" This is a typical female question about the situation.

It often happens that a partner is incapable of bringing you the ultimate pleasure, no matter how hard she/he might try to do it. Being alone with your fantasies gives you more freedom, that is why some people experience a stronger orgasm when they masturbate. Doctors also recommend to use lubricants for the process. A lot of people prefer to use soap or shampoo in the shower, although this might lead to skin irritation. A man from the Russian city of Krasnodar used engine oil for that, which eventually ended up in a very sad way – the man was hospitalized.

Speaking about masturbation, one has to mention a woman's best friend, a dildo. The origin of the word is not known. Most likely, it originated from the Italian "diletto," which means pleasure, enjoyment. This thing has a very long history. In the Middle East, they used to make a dildo from camel's dry excrement. A dry penis-shaped item was covered with resin in order to get rid of the bad smell and make it smooth. Ancient dildos can be seen in several museums of erotica. In Christian times, though, a dildo was considered a devil's toy: if a woman used it, she would be either tortured to death or burnt alive. In the beginning of the 20th century, dildos and vibrators became very popular again. However, this thing has a very big disadvantage: if a woman wants to use it, she is supposed to hide somewhere, to be alone.

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