Hotel Fee Can be Paid With Coffins

Serbian hotel complex Vrujci spa introduced new order of payment for hotel rooms and services provided; now the hotel can accept any goods or products from the clients as hotel fee. This new form of payment may be eggs or spare auto parts. A curious payment was recently made by a client in the hotel: some client offered coffins for the services he was provided there. At that, the hotel administration wasn't confused or disappointed at all.

The new order of payment was introduced especially for those clients who have no cash or checks to pay for hotel services. Managers say they can accept any goods as payment. Main objective of the new policy is to attract as many guests and have hotel rooms always occupied. When the hotel accepted a payment of 50 coffins, the hotel management didn't consider it to be a problem at all. The administration re-sold them to the hotel's advantage.

As the hotel administration says, vacant rooms are more expensive for the hotel. It may sound funny, but guests can pay with eggs, meat, vegetables or fruit for services provided at the hotel, in case if people have no money. The new method proves very good for the hotel: all 220 rooms of Vrujci spa, situated 70 kilometers from Belgrade, are already reserved in advance.

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