Court Makes Fake Enterprise Pay Promised Money Prize

Moscow pensioner made postal fraudsters pay him the money prize in the sum of 187,000 rubles. As the newspaper MK wrote, pensioner Eduard Radutsky ordered a medicine from the company Vitamin Clinic. He ordered the medicine by post, and it was the first time, when he used the services of the enterprise. He did not know that his home address would be automatically transferred to the database of the company Club Post Rus. Soon after he ordered his medicine, he started receiving a lot of envelopes and catalogues with notes like this: "Congratulations! You are the lucky winner, but you are supposed to buy something from us first."

When the man found an unusual envelope in his mailbox, he opened it and jumped for joy, after he read the contents of the letter. In the letter it was written that he was the only person to own the prize of 187,000 rubles. However, the letter mentioned that he was supposed to make another order to get the money. An item could be selected in a catalogue that was also found in the mailbox together with the letter of luck.

The elderly man started dreaming, turning over catalogue pages. He tried to choose something to buy, but all the goods were not cheap. The man decided to buy the book that was called "Treatment Without Medicines." The book cost 480 rubles, which is very expensive for a book. Eduard ordered the book, collected the money and went to the post office.

Several days later the man received a booklet with self-treatment instructions. However, Eduard was not confused that he bought just a booklet for 480 rubles. He was eager to get so much money. When the elderly man went to Club Post Rus to ask them about the money, they told him that he misunderstood the conditions of the whole action. As it turned out, the man did not read the line of very small letters, which said that there were other persons to win the mentioned prize. Eduard Radutsky finally realized that the enterprise used all that to sell the stuff that no one would ever buy. He was deeply hurt with that, so he went to court.

The court considered the man's claim and ruled that the notification of the money prize that the man received in his mailbox was the written obligation of Club Post Rus to pay 187,000 rubles to the man. He executed the only condition to become the winner. Other people that were mentioned in the line of very small letters had nothing to do with all that, because it was precisely stated in the letter that Eduard Radutsky was the only person to get the prize.

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