Suicide cow collapsed on a car

A Norwegian nearly hit a flying cow when he drove his car along the A-39 road. When the man realized that it was a cow that dropped right before the car, he nearly went crazy.

Olaf Kalstad says, he was driving at a high speed along the mountainous road and unexpectedly saw some shadow ahead of the car. The man understood at once that some huge object was falling down on him and immediately pulled up. And this was done right in time, because the car stopped before the cow that had collapsed by that moment.

The animal was walking in the mountains above the road; it is still a mystery how it managed to fall down. Police officer who arrived at the accident site said: “If the cow fell right on the car, the man would hardly survive.”

Olaf himself treats the accident with humor. He says, “to die under a suicide cow is probably the most idiotic death that can only be imagined.”

When Olaf called the police station to say that a cow nearly dropped on his car, police officers thought he was another madman disturbing the order. Moreover, they left for the accident site especially to secure other people against the madman and send him to the hospital. When the policemen arrived at the accident site and saw a cow, they were incredibly surprised.

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