South Americans charge mobile phones in church

Priests at one of Milan churches noticed two parishioners charge their mobile phones right in the temple under the pretence of praying. One of the priests told in an interview to the Metro newspaper, a young couple who arrived from South America, regularly attended the church within a month; each time the people spent about an hour near the Blessed Virgin statue.

The clergymen decided first that the new parishioners were too religious and that is why their prayers were especially long. However, as it turned out later, the young couple was so much interested not in the statue, but in an electric socket installed behind the statue for the electric lamps illuminating the sculpture.

The people from South America used the socket to charge mobile phones. What is really astonishing, no penalty will be imposed on the people for an unauthorized usage of the electric socket in the church. On the contrary, the clergymen say: “To let use a socket for cellular phone charging is as good as give a glass of water to the thirsty.”

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