What Russia's fifth-generation fighter jet will look like

Russian fighters of the fifth generation will have improved maneuverability, better electronic avionics and enhanced armaments, Mikhail Pogosyan, director-general of the Sukhoi Air Industrial Complex state unitary enterprise, said on Tuesday at a news briefing in RIA Novosti, replying to a RIA Novosti question.

According to him, "the plane will have enhanced aerodynamic qualities. With an attack angle of higher than 35 degrees it will not "snap into a spin, which will be ensured by its original configuration".

As Pogosyan said, "we consider that the most important technical characteristics of the fighter must be its transport capabilities /the ability to carry a sufficient number of missiles/ and its equipment with the latest weaponry. Special attention will be paid to the latest avionics, to on-board electronic systems helping the pilot in complicated combat situations." According to Pogosyan, the task set is not to reach Mach-2 or Mach-3. "Greater speed will be essential for missiles which the fighter will be carrying," he said.

Pogosyan noted that many problems in the development of the plane will be resolved by using new structural materials and new manufacturing technologies. At the same time the director-general did not specify if the new fighter plane will have "forward-swept" wings.

According to him, the new jet will be supplied to the nation's armed forces "within time limits agreed with the Defence Ministry".

Pogosyan emphasised that the Sukhoi air complex at present has resources and capabilities "it did not possess even a few years ago".

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