Want to be known in future? Send message to offsprings!

If you are dreaming of saying some words to your future offsprings, you may make your dream come true. You have got two years to compile an essay of not more than four pages (2,000 words approximately) that will be further kept on the earth orbit within 50,000 years.

Messages to offsprings are supposed to be written by people from all over the world; the text of messages will be engraved on glass disks and put inside a small satellite that is planned to be put into orbit in two years.

The satellite is to be launched with the help of European space agency’s Ariane-5 carrier rocket. Messages on the satellite board are likely to be of interests for our offsprings or other people who will be happy to live on Earth in the year of 52000. A digital encyclopaedia with all knowledge accumulated by the mankind by 2004, picture of nationalities living in all countries and four gold balls with a drop of human blood, a drop of sea water, a grain of sand and a bubble of air will be also transported to the orbit.

Idea of the project belongs to French scientists and artist Jean-Marc Philippe; the project is designed to keep the picture of the 21st century mankind for the future generations. The satellite will be put into the orbit that is to bring it back to Earth in 500 centuries. The idea was supported by aerospace companies, France’s Foreign Ministry, European Space Agency and UNESCO.


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