Edible perfume

Perfumery is a delicate thing. Creators of fragrances and firms producing perfumes, colognes, and deodorants compete with each other while advertising their products. However, none of them can eclipse nature. In Indonesia, there is a tree called by local citizens keppel, while the Latin name botanists use is stelechocarpus buracol. The fruits of the tree are located near the stock of the trunk and the thick branches of the tree, like berries of the well-known sea-buckthorn, which are supposed to be curative. However, the fruits of keppel are remarkable in another way: if one eats such a fruit, he will become fragrant; even his sweat will smell of violet.

Kepple trees were planted in old times in parks of kings’ harems. Therefore, the lords did not need to spend money for perfumes for their concubines. While other people (probably, to make them not penetrate into the parks) were inspired with the thought that eating these fruits could cause misfortune.

However, all superstitions disappear sooner or later. The fruits of keppel can now be bought in Indonesian markets.

In Senegal, in hot days, local people eat baobab leafs, stating this course inspires a feeling of coolness and reduces sweat. Therefore, baobab leafs can be regarded as a natural deodorant.

Ne Mozhet Byt

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