Old lady took two copulating hedgehogs for sex maniac

An old German lady heard some strange noise from the bushes near her neighbors’ house. She called the police, since she was sure there was a sexual maniac over there. The 72-year-old woman was really scared, when she heard those sounds. She said that the noise could be heard for two hours – she heard moans and screams. She could not stand that any longer, so she called the police, and the officers went to see, where such a disturbing noise was coming from. Police officers were more than surprised, when they found two copulating hedgehogs.

This was not the first time, when police officers arrived to “detain” a couple of excited hedgehogs. The same happened in January of the current year in New Zealand, when eight police officers arrived to the site of the “crime” after someone called the police and said that they could hear bolt-cutting sounds. Police found hedgehogs – they were simply making love.

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