Art could die, if professor Epstein is right

Most of works of art were created by artist who suffered from something or was in love. It is not enough to have a talent only, inspiration is also necessary. While the inspiration should be paid with the jitters at least.

US psychologist Robert Epstein at least ruins the base of art, the naked nerve of the artist. Because the Epstein has invented a formula of love.

If human kind starts to broadly use the formula, everybody will live long and happily and get married, though there will be no art. Love will turn from the exclusive subject praised by artists into something very usual, into a mass consumption good.

The Harvard professor considers at the moment applications of 1,200 volunteers who want to participate in the experiment and to fall in love according to the professor’s formula. No pills are necessary: the method presupposes only verbal influence. The professor promises that in every couple, the participants of the experiment who feel no love to each other will fall in love in a short time with proper consequences: they will wish to get married and to have children. One more demand of the professor, in addition to the lack of primordial appeal, is the lack of any other sexual contacts. Because in such circumstances it would be much more difficult to fall in love with an unsympathetic person.

Mr Epstein started his experiment from personal reasons. His first marriage in which he had four children ended with divorce. At that time, the professor thought the real love could be met only in Hollywood films, while in real life it is over, when passion is over. Later, Epstein decided to look at the issue from scientific point of view. After the experiment is successfully completed (of which the professor does not doubt), he intends to expand it and to change the life of the whole humanity. For the better, of course.

Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

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