A brothel for impotent men

There is a unique brothel in the Japanese city of Osaka – the brothel for impotent men. The brothel is owned by two brothers – Takeo and Kanebo Isida. They say that their brothel helped a lot of men to get rid of their complexes, some of them even managed to get their man power back.

Takeo: “We got a lot of girls coming that would like to work with us, because they will never earn the money, that they can earn with us. However, we have a strict competition and we select only those that pass all three stages of our test. Girls have to exercise their manners and good breeding. We do not work with those girls that have unpleasant voices or that do not move gracefully. Needless to mention, that they all are supposed to be pretty. Then they show their techniques to attract men’s attention. If a girl acts naturally and softly, then she will have a chance to take the third part of the test, when they will have to practice what they can do in the field of love science. Those, who pass this exams, become our personnel, but they can start working only after taking a course of psychology. Our clients are special: they are vulnerable and closed men. There is no end of clients. Our prices are rather high, but the demand is outgrowing supply. Sometimes it happens that normal men with normal potency try to use the services of our institution. But as soon as a girl sees that her client is ready to go into action with a hard on, she presses a little button on the head of the bed. Security does all the rest. The design and the furniture of our rooms are all thought through. They are not luxurious at all, since luxury is depressing to human psychology, especially to those, who is already in a great psychological disadvantage.”

Here are some impressions from those men, who visited the brothel.

“The girl that I chose was not very beautiful, but she was so charming and sexy that I paid my attention to her at once. When we were alone in her room, she appeared in front of me wearing a kimono and I could see her legs, her underwear. The girl was magnificent in bed. She was hugging me all over my body, she was moaning with pleasure, although I could not do a thing to give her any pleasure that a man is supposed to give to a woman. She had an orgasm in the long run, but I found out some time after that it was just an imitation of it.”

“She put me in a hot bath tub and joined me that instant too. She was massaging my penis, saying that it was so big and so hard. I even believed her. When we got out of the bathroom, she put that rubber penis on my waist and used it as if it was mine. It was amazing, I never felt anything like this before, she helped me to experience the joy of sex.”

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